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The Basic Facts Game: Free app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 8832 ratings )
Games Education Board Educational
Developer: Math Adventures
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 17 May 2014
App size: 8.17 Mb

The Basic Facts Game is an iPad board game for two players. The game helps children learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division number facts, as well as develops strategic thinking.

This free version allows you to only play the addition game. To play the multiplication game, and other games well add, you need to purchase the app using the in-app purchase or purchasing the paid version from the App Store.

Players take turns selecting numbers to add or multiply together to place a counter on the board. At each turn players recall several number facts as they work out the most strategic place for their counter. The game continues until one player has four counters side by side and in a straight line.

To progress and succeed at math children need to be able to quickly and easily recall number facts. This game is a great way to practice this key skill.

• A board game for two players
• Ideal for children learning their basic number facts
• Practices basic addition and subtraction number facts
• Practices basic multiplication and division number facts
• Strategic thinking is developed as the game is played
• Fun and exciting way to keep motivation high
• Focuses on a critical math skill vital for success

How to Play
Select the addition and subtraction game or the multiplication and division game. Take turns moving one slider to select a number. Add or multiply the two numbers and move a counter to the answer on the board. Only one of the two sliders can be moved during a turn so which slider to move is strategically important. The game continues until the one player has four counters side by side in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal straight line.

Maths Adventures is a New Zealand company helping children learn mathematics. We develop apps that focus on the key concepts that need to be fully understood to progress and succeed in mathematics. Each of our apps focus on one key concept or skill.

We believe:
• Everyone can learn mathematics
• Playing educationally rich games improves understanding
• Learning math should be fun and exciting, a rewarding adventure

Our growing variety of apps is research based, classroom and child tested to make sure they help learning. The Basic Facts Game is part of our ‘play and learn’ series, which contain games high in educational value where children learn as they play.